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Imagine the next client conversation when they say "I'll get back to you.... or I need to think about it... or We still have other people to speak to..."


Maybe as a consultant  or coach you have been trying to attract more paying clients....and your business development costs are sky rocketing and delivering zilch....

Your heart is sinking, right?

The idea of getting a regular job....your heart sinks even more...

These are common woes I hear from mid-career ambitious experienced professionals and consultants trying to find meaningful work and be paid their professional worth.

The reality of the job market and gig economy is that it's highly competitive, noisy and tough.

You simply MUST stand out clearly and consistently for the right reasons.

Tall Poppy Syndrome? Yep! On Steroids!

We must kick those Imposter voices from around us and within us to the kerb - quickly and daily!

Imagine how you would feel if every setback and challenge you face that your energy rises and you stand tall and strong and hear yourself responding with calm, compelling confidence....

and begin to receive a very different result...

Leave confusion and stress of working it out all alone, behind....

Stop struggling with which coach to choose to help you get clarity, confidence & influence.

In 2021 you simply must be crystal clear & communicate with certainty about who you are, why you are the best person for the role and how you solve the problem you are being hired for.

In today's world, getting yourself paid doing work you love is so much more than a slick elevator pitch or word perfect resume or a social media wall full of likes.

You must show up , speak up and back yourself at every turn.

Allow me to be your trusted guide.

If you are:

* a frustrated mid-career professional

* aspiring entrepreneur 

* ambitious consultant

looking to

* stand out from the crowd

*do paid work you love 

*"retire" from the corporate career where the golden handcuffs have kept you for too long

....and yet you do not want to or cannot afford to NOT EARN money and you still want to

* do meaningful work that pays you your professional value

* fills you with joy

* work life balance & flexibility

then you already know that you need to take action to change SOMETHING about what and how you are working right now.

I wonder if you relate to this.....

You have always been a diligent hard-worker beavering away to meet tight deadlines and tough conditions where your work outranked your personal needs because you are ambitious and know you want your work to make a positive difference in the world.

You might even still enjoy aspects of what you do but somehow you are not being valued or offered the promotions or plumb project leads that you know you deserve. Or maybe the hours expected of you have become unbearable.

What is happening for you?

I am so glad you have found your way here. This Unlock Your SuperPowers discovery into what makes you tick and then how to communicate your unique gifts so that you stand out above the crowd, is exactly what the doctor ordered. I know because 10 years ago I was exactly in your shoes.

Now it's time to change your direction with the right guidance and support. This course is just like having 5 personal coaching sessions with me at 1/5th of the cost!

I am so excited for you!

I can't wait to hear your powerful personal Unique Value statement and Vision for what you decide to do next!

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A compelling 30 second "Why Choose Me" statement that stands you out from the crowd

    Describe clearly and succinctly exactly what you do and what differentiates you from the crowd in language a 12 year old can understand!
  • A systematic step-by step process to reset your Mindset & your sense of self every time you get wobbly

    Every significant change in role and business growth requires Mindset and Identity shifts. The bigger the goals, the bigger the Mindset shifts required. Using proven frameworks is the fastest most effective way to move into the new identity ASAP.
  • Structure cures Overwhelm

    Having 4 reliable frameworks to come back to when fear and overwhelm strike - which they will - gives you self-coaching tools that will save you $1,000's in coaching fees
  • Use a step-by-step approach to create your ideal self and crystallise your leader identity so you can take control of the controllables

    You now have tools and strategies to identify and develop your SuperPowers to serve you so you can experience your full career potential
  • No more wasted time in a dead-end job because you deserve so much more!

    Time is the only non-renewable resource. Claim your SuperPowers Now to make the most of your next Career and make this next season your best ever!

"The homework took a bit of work but I was committed. The structures and frameworks Lia provided helped me challenge what my success criteria really was. Identifying my values and the culture of the employer I worked for helped me make the shifts needed. It's a privilege to invest in yourself...do it! What have you got to lose".


Tracy Driver, IT Executive

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Meet the 24 STEMM Women Leaders working in complex male-dominated workplaces whose wisdom and expertise has enhanced the richness of the Leader Identity development framework shared in this Program.

Women leading with their SuperPowers & thriving in spite of biases and barriers.


What’s Inside Unlock Your SuperPowers 


Lesson 1

Define Your Leader Identity

In this lesson you will learn the specifics about what actually makes you tick. Define the Leader you are becoming as you take control of your Career. Your Beliefs and Attitudes are the foundation of your self-image and your professional brand. Learn how to develop high performance habits and apply the 3 R's of effective Leadership to put your strengths to work and unleash your SuperPowers.


Lesson 2

Identify Your Core Values

In this lesson you will identify the aspects of your work that give you the most meaning and joy. The things we give our time to are the things we value most. Clarify your hopes and desires and the biggest hurdles standing in the way of you achieving the career you deserve.

Lesson 3

Identify Your Business Drivers

In this lesson you will uncover what your beliefs and attitudes are toward different types of business and ways of making money. This will direct your decisions about your next best career move.

Lesson 4

Create Your 30 Second "Why Choose Me" statement

In this lesson you will create a simple 30 second elevator pitch that expresses your SuperPowers in language that even a 12 year old can understand what you do and why you are the best person for your role.

How you communicate your unique value will propel you forward toward claiming your full career potential!

Do not waste another minute!

When you enrol 

you will get:


Unlock Your SuperPowers
($5000 Value if this was delivered by personal Executive Coaching by me)


  • 5 Action-packed Lessons

    Video lessons and detailed Workbooks for each lesson - just like having your own personal executive coaching session for a fraction of the cost

  • Step-by-Step process to dig deep into your Psyche

    To know yourself deeply is the path to peace, joy and to realising your career potential!
  • Free access to your personal Strengths profile

    What are your natural captain characteristics that nurture your SuperPowers? A must to know and embrace to move your Career ahead in the right direction.
  • The 3 step 30 second "Why Choose Me" statement lesson alone is normally delivered as a full day workshop!

    Imagine having that next negotiation conversation with compelling clarity and confidence as to exactly why you are the best person for the role.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

Unlock Your Superpowers - $5,000 Value

  • Leader Identity Framework
  • Top 25 Personal Strengths Profile
  • Your Core Values & Business Drivers
  • 30 second "Why Choose Me" statement
  • If these session were delivered as a personal executive Coaching program the cost would be $3,000
  • Receive a referral fee when you recommend a colleague


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $5,000

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Enrol today for $497


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24 Hour Money back Guarantee

If you enrol and give your full attention to the course lessons and complete the exercises and believe you are not receiving value, I will refund you in full within 24 hours of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
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I can’t wait for you to get stuck into Unlock Your SuperPowers

I designed this course because I was frustrated with the slow moving corporate cultures in spite of the $10B investment that has been made in Executive Coaching and leader development in these companies. I want to make these materials and tools available to a broader audience so all ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs can apply these powerful Coaching Psychology tools of trade.

Every human has the right to experience and express their full potential through their work, if this is important to them.

These tools are my go-to exercises when I fall into the abyss of fear and self-doubt. It happens to all of us.

Bringing these frameworks to life has literally changed the way I look at myself and the way I make meaning of things. And this work has led me into the career i am developing today - I am a digital course creator with a burning desire to help you experience the fullness of your career potential. I have done it. And I believe with my help, you can too!

If you are here and have that frustrated or niggling feeling that you can achieve so much more and give so much more, you are definitely in the right place.

Do not waste another minute! Time is ticking! And we never get it back.

I hope to see you in the program!

Lia Zalums

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